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Setting: Jackal is a second-generation canon OC from the Zone of the Enders setting. Her canon point is 28 years after the end of Zone of the Enders 2, following the establishment of an independent Martian government. A wiki for her fanonized setting is constantly under development.

Brief History: Jackal (whose hates her given name, and prefers answering to her call sign) grew up the child of two of Mars' greatest heroes from the War of Liberation, surrounded by top brass and military pomp. She never had much interest in traditionally feminine things, and her father's attempts to push her in that direction and away from the military only hardened her resolve. Halfway through grade-school she had convinced him, grudgingly, to teach her to operate a LEV, and by 20 she had graduated second in her class from the MSF Academy as one of its most gifted combat runners. Since then, she has joined the MSFSOD, the elite force specialized in counterterrorism and antipiracy operations, and has earned more than 50 flight combat kills between operations on Mars and in the asteroid belt. What she lacks in what most people would call social graces, she makes up for with grit, dedication, and professionalism.

Full name: Jacqueline "Jackal" Egret
Age: 25
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 175lbs
Nationality: Martian
Build: Heavy, athletic but curvy

Voiced by: Patricia Drake (eng.)/Sayaka Ohara (jap.)
Played in: Ten Forward
Setting wiki: Totally Unofficial Zone of the Enders Next Generation Wiki
Playlist: Mecha, Metal, and Atmosphere

Chibi - Ready for work
Chibi - Undercover and hating it
Undercover in disguise
From a young age
Armed Forces of Independent Mars
Martian Space Force - Combat Flight Operations


major_egret_msfsod: Jackal with a patrol cap (Default)
Jacqueline "Jackal" Egret

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